AIMSweb Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the AIMSweb Login:



Steps needed in order to gain access to the aimsweb Login page.

1. Enter the following link into your internet browser by clicking it as it has been provided here:

2. In the first field that is provided, enter your customer ID number.

3. Under the customer ID number field, enter your username into the field provided there

4. Enter your password into the next field that is provided.

4. Click the "login" button below the password field in order to gain access into your aimsweb Login page.






If you just had problems with the aimsweb Login page, follow these instructions.

If you have forgotten your user name for the aimsweb Login page, read the following note:

NOTE: There is currently not a method available for recovering your username for the account online. Please refer to the contact details to reach out to someone regarding this issue.

If you have forgotten your password for the aimsweb Login page, make sure to check out these steps:

1. Below the login button is a highlighted text asking if you forgot your password. Click that highlighted text for the next instructions.

2. Enter your customer ID into the first field provided.

3. Enter either your username or email address in the appropriate field that is provided.

4. Click the "email password" button below to process the information. This will provide you with information regarding the new password.

5. After you have recovered or reset your password, go back to the step 1 for login as stated in this article above.





For more contact information in case you need them for the aimsweb Login page, here are the details.

Technical Support

Phone: (866) 313-6194




Hopefully this article has been able to resolve all of your issues and concerns with the aimsweb Login page. As this process goes through new changes, we will keep you updated via this page. Bookmark us for your future reference to have all of the best information.